Master your mind, body and money to become unfuckwithable

The Owned Newsletter as you’ve known it is now dead.

My past newsletters have been general information available for free to the public.

That ends now.

Going forward I am coaching you like I would my 1 on 1 clients.

The same coaching I deliver to my NFL, MLB and Millionaire Business Owner clients.

Here is the deal though. This is NOT for the general public.

If people knew what I taught in my 1 on 1 coaching I would be canceled 10x over.

The level of depth I go into is not something for everyone to see and consume.

It’s also not something anyone should receive without making an energetic exchange (in this case a very small amount of money.) You need to buy in to make this valuable.

That is why I am launching my unfuckwithable paid newsletter for $5/month.

Unfuckwithable: Unable to be fucked with; untouchable, impervious to, or undeterred by opposition.

This is not your traditional newsletter. This is consistent coaching from me to become a version of yourself that is bulletproof to whatever life throws at you.

I will not be sugar coating anything.

I will be coaching you the same way I coach my 1 on 1 clients.

I will be direct in giving you the exact strategy and mindset to master yourself.

That means building an unfuckwithable body with endless energy.

This means building unfuckwithable finances for freedom.

That means building unfuckwithable relationships for deep connection.

This is going to be a very tight tit community of people striving towards being unfuckwithable, because most people aren’t cut out for this. Most people would prefer comfort over being their best. We aren’t most people.

To weed out “most people” I am no longer writing the free owned newsletter.

The only place I am pouring my energy into is this new community of people striving to become unfuckwithable. I care deeply about helping you break through your mental blocks to find out how great you can be.

If you are ready to let me be your guide you can subscribe below and expect to receive my first coaching message shortly. Let’s do this.

-Brandon (your guide to becoming unfuckwithable)