Take Back Your Power as a Man

Introducing the integrated masculine

Gender is a universal law that governs our universe.

It is used to create the polarity that propagates all of existence.

The masculine penetrates the feminine and life emerges.

There is no rational explanation needed to explain what is.

The past however many years or so gender has become more of a question instead of accepted as a natural law. This has led to a culture where men are rewarded for abandoning their masculine essence in favor of a more docile feminine existence.

Men are celebrated and encouraged for over sharing their feelings and chasing comfort and pleasure. This reward system is creating a generation of weak, powerless and depressed men.

In turn this is creating a lack of safety within women and leading to women feeling the need to step more into the masculine frame. Stealing away their divine power and ability to fully give their unique gifts.

Biologically we already see how this break down in gender and lack of polarity is playing out. We are more lonely than ever, having less sex than ever and having less children than ever before in recorded history.

So WTF can we do about it?!

Men, we take back our power by owning our integrated masculine essence.

The reason why the pendulum is swinging so far in this direction is because previously men were not integrating the feminine parts of themselves that gave them the capacity to fully express their masculine power.

Here it is..

Feminine energy allows you to receive the necessary power to fully harness your masculine energy and bring it into the world through your purposeful action.

So we are not talking about a denial of the feminine at all.

We are talking about being able to accept, acknowledge and process our feeling experience, so we can alchemize that feminine energy into the actions that we take.

Versus, the previous generations of men who suppressed their feelings and were not able to expand their capacity for action, because of it.

Now that we understand the role of the feminine in an integrated masculine man let’s dig into what the role of the masculine is.

To fully tap into your masculine power you must...

  • Have integrity AKA do what you say you are going to do.

  • Become strong and durable through physical training

  • Honor your body through your nutrition

  • Cut out easily accessible dopamine (nicotine, drugs, alcohol etc.)

  • Cut out distractions (excessive TV, social media and video games)

  • Do the work necessary to become financially free

  • Give up the addiction to talking about others and sharing your future plans

  • Prioritize being a good man over being a nice guy

  • Surround yourself only with uplifting masculine men

  • Stay connected to your primal nature (hiking, swimming, martial arts, etc)

  • Assert your dominance when you know what is right

  • Provide and create safety for your family

  • Pursue a purposeful career

  • Reject the beliefs society tries to impose on you and think for yourself

By doing all these things you will become irresistible to women, rich, powerful, healthy, purposeful and fulfilled. None of those things are easy, which is why the fruits of your labor are so significant.

Who amongst you is ready to fully step into their integrated masculine?

(Get in the comments and make yourself heard)

P.S. If you are in a relationship with a masculine women; she will surrender into her feminine essence as soon as you fully own your own masculine essence by doing the above.

P.P.S. If you are a woman reading this. Send this to your boyfriend or husband. If you are single - you now know the traits to look for in an integrated masculine man.