Social Media Addiction + Entrepreneurship

The Owned Newsletter #19 * First posted on December 13, 2021

Whatup soul fam,

There’s not much we can control in this life.

Which is actually really freeing! 😌

The only things in our control are where we choose to focus in THIS moment and what we choose to do.

Here are some tools and perspectives to help you do so..

Question of the week 🤔

“Are you overly committed?” 

Something you have heard me say before and that I’ll probably say many times again is that you can do damn near anything, but you can’t do everything at once.

👉 Your focus is finite.

👉 The actions you can commit to are finite.

And when you try to divert your focus and choices in too many directions, you end up not really getting anywhere.

So take a moment to check-in with yourself.

Are you trying to do too much at once?

What can you get rid of?

What can you double down on?

Hone your focus and choices and you will become far more powerful.

The Art of Entrepreneurship

Being an entrepreneur is like being an artist.

You have to find a unique way to put your product or service out into the world despite the resistance you might feel.

That’s why I really enjoyed the book The War of Art by Steven Pressfield 

He addresses this concept of resistance and talks about some actionable ways to move through it.

Ultimately, if you want to be a business owner you have to be willing to push through that resistance and put your passion out into the world.

Easier said than done, but that book can definitely help.

Are you an entrepreneur? If so, I would love to hear what you’re working on.

Overcoming Social Media Addiction 

Do you chronically check social media and/or email more than you’d like?

I have a solution for ya.

Open up a note on your phone and start tallying your usage.

It can look like this..

Dec 13

Instagram: 1

Email: 2

Every time you want to take out your phone to unconsciously check something you have to write a tally for your usage on your phone first.

By adding this extra action in between using those apps you create a moment where you have to be conscious of the choice you are making.

9/10 you will choose to just not check the app.

I know this works, because I did this and broke my personal addiction.

This may sound too good to be true, but try it out and let me know how it goes for you. There is nothing wrong with using these apps - just try to do it with intention so you’re not just participating in addictive behavior.

All By Myself 

Throughout my stint with Covid my wife and daughter have been out of town working and visiting family.

This is probably the most time I have spent alone since meeting my wife almost 6 years ago.

What I learned from this experience was that time alone with your own thoughts without any distraction can be extremely nourishing and healing.

There is something special about just being with your own energy and seeing where your mind goes when you are alone.

If you have a lot of inner work to do your mind will most likely take you right into the lion’s den.

For me, I’ve done a lot of the hard personal development work over the past 13 years, so I’ve been experiencing a lot of peace and clarity of mind.

As funny as it may sound it has felt so damn good to just be with myself.

This empty space has led to some powerful downloads for future projects that I will be introducing to this community.

One of those is an idea for subconscious programming tapes that you ca listen to actively or passively to program your mind for peace and positivity.

Let me know if that is something you’d be interested in.

Thanks so much for reading.