Sacred Economics

The Owned Newsletter #20 *First posted on December 20, 2021

Whatup soul fam,

Let's get into it..

There are dark forces at work in this world and our only shot at defeating them is by cleaning up our own inner planets. 🌎

You see, contrary to popular belief, the enemy does not exist out there, rather the enemy exists within us. 👉 The true enemy is our unresolved subconscious programming that creates conflict and suffering inside of us.

When you do the work to clean up your inner planet you are uplifting consciousness as a whole and you are able to transcend the drama of the outside world. 🙌

AND..if that drama comes to your doorstep, you will have the poise and mental resilience to deal with it head on. ⚔️

The work starts here. Own your focus. Own your choices. Own your life.

Question of the week🤔

“How are you really feeling?” 😳

One of my past clients and current owned newsletter reader asked me to pose this question to you and for good reason.

When someone asks you “how are you feeling?” it’s easy to unconsciously bypass your true emotional experience and instead just analyze your rational physical outcome.

I’ve got a good job, decent social life, money in the bank, no glaring health issues.. I’m good!

But the emotional experience is not rational. It is not quantitive.

It is a lived experience..

When you are willing to go beyond the rational mind your emotional body will reveal the true nature of your experience and from there you can resolve any resistance that may be causing you suffering.

So, how are you really doing? Reply to this email or journal about it yourself.

The awareness gained from being real with yourself will reveal a path for the work that must be done for you to fully thrive in the present moment.

Sacred Economics 💸💫

I’ve recently stumbled upon the very wise Charles Eisenstein (check out this awesome video he made about our soul tribe) and he has had a profound impact on me.

Since I can remember, I have felt the pressure to make and save money.

My Dad had me start a mutual fund account at like 12 years old, because I needed to make sure that in the future I would have security.

That need for security comes from the lack of support that would be provided from my greater community if at any point I ran out of money.

This was deeply embedded into me and most Americans, because we are taught that you can never save enough and that you must be individually responsible for yourself independent from anyone else.

Well.. this way of being led to me seeing everything as a transaction and led to me believing that I had to monetize all the value that I bring others.

My big takeaway after digging into Charles Eisenstein’s work is that we can imagine a world where we bring others value without the inherent need for receiving value in return, because not everyone has the resources to give.

That is why I am taking a new approach to my work as a guide in the world that encompasses a philosophy more in alignment with cosmic karma.

I am making my content (starting with my full archive of guided meditations) free to anyone in the world who wants it.

I’ve been told too many times how impactful those meditations are and I refuse to create financial barriers to listening to them any longer.

This is my gift to you and the world.

Please let me know if you enjoy a particular session :)

I’m trusting that the universe has my back and that if I continue to give without requiring payment in return, then I will ultimately receive more than what I need to continue to commit to this work.

Tools for Business Growth 🔨

One thing I see a lot of people struggling with is getting organized enough to consistently take action on the things they care about.

For that reason, I want to share a few tools and a system for growth that I use.

Here is how I organize my world. Feel free to take it or leave it.

1. Apple notes app

My backup brain is my standard apple notes app on my phone/computer. I use the notes app to document all my ideas and personal reminders.


I use a piece of software called asana to organize those notes into tasks with dates to be completed on a to-do list. This software allows you to create projects, so the different things you are working on can stay organized.

3. Google Calendar

Everything that needs to happen at a certain time ends up on my calendar app on my phone. Sometimes that’s a workout, sometimes it’s something for my family, sometimes it’s chunk of time where I need to shoot videos and sometimes it’s business meetings that I need to have. I notice that if I am having trouble getting something done then it needs to own some space on my calendar.

4. Google drive

I use google drive to organize all the files (videos, audio, documents, spreadsheets etc.) that I need for my business and personal life.

This is not a very fancy system, but it works for me, because I am a simple guy.

Hope this helps!

Fear is Deadly 😵

Did you know that according to the CDC fear and anxiety related disorders are the #2 comordbity for covid death (only behind obesity?)

When we feel fear our body releases stress hormones (cortisol/alpha amylase.)

These stress hormones trigger the body to pull blood away from your vital organs and into your muscles so you can fight or flight.

When your body does this, it suppresses your immune system and makes you more vulnerable to viruses and getting sick in general.

So remember this.. the next time you read a shocking news headline or engage in a fear mongering social media post, you are literally suppressing your immune system and putting yourself in a compromised position.

My humble advice is to stop consuming the outlets (and people) that trigger this fear inside of you and quite literally could be killing you. 

Instead, replace those unhealthy habits with meditation, yoga, time outside, playing with loved ones and exercising.

As I said in the beginning of this newsletter the real battle is being fought internally.

You win the battle every time you choose to make choices that promote a mentally calm and peaceful state of being.

Thanks so much for reading.

Lots of love,