Experience = Confidence 🔥

The Owned Newsletter *First posted on December 6th, 2021

Whatup fam,

You know what time it is.

It’s time to OWN our shit!

👉 Where is your focus being hijacked?

👉 What choices are you making that are a waste of time?

Let’s upgrade our focus and choices, so we can own the outcomes of our lives.

Here are some ways to do so..

Question of the week 🤔

“What is your biggest limiting belief?”

I listened to an excellent podcast featuring Dr. Jonas Chaplan this past week, which added some more scientific affirmation to everything I’ve been sharing with you in these newsletters about how beliefs create our reality.

The main takeaway is that our brains are designed to construct a reality for us that aligns with what we believe to be true.

🧠 Your brain kind finishes it’s own sentences in a way to prove to you that what you believe to be true.. is true.

Although we like to consider ourselves rational creatures, much of how we operate is based off of this unconscious programming and man times it is not rational and even worse its self sabotaging.

That’s why it’s so important to hunt down and reverse these self-limiting beliefs. To do so try asking yourself..

👉 Where do I feel stuck?

👉 Where do I keep making the same mistakes?

👉 What area of my life gets me irrationally emotionally triggered?

The resistance you feel will take you right to your limiting beliefs.

If you need help identifying them I do 1 on 1 sessions with clients where I can help you do this. It’s not cheap, but if you’ve tried everything and want help feel free to reach out.

Experience Breeds Confidence

Boy I wish I was explained this as a youth. 👦

Until I was like 22 years old I literally just thought that some people were super confident when it came to certain things and if I didn’t feel confident, then I never would.

🍆 Let’s take sex for example. 

The first time I tried to do that my confidence was hovering around a -1 on a scale of 1-10. I just assumed some dudes were super confident with sex and some weren’t.

I had no concept of how the only thing that makes anyone feel more confident having sex or doing anything is just getting more experience.

The more experience I got, the more confident I felt and eventually I built high levels of confidence just because sex was too fun to give up on.

But what about everything else in life? 🤔

How often do we try things or consider trying things and give up because we feel low confidence about getting started?

One of the most advantageous things I have learned is this link between confidence and experience.

It allows me to throw myself into situations where I feel low levels of confidence, because I understand the only way to be more confident is by being more experienced.

Some recent examples of this in my life have been hunting, fighting and speaking Spanish.

I’m not the best fighter or Spanish speaker and I still barely no what I’m doing when it comes to hunting, but I embrace the fact that the more I do these things the more confident I become.

It’s as simple as this. Want more confidence? Get more reps.

Body Positivity  🧘‍♂️

What’s the difference between being positive about your body and being delusional?

A hundred years of metabolic health science. 🔬

We all have to set our own personal standards of health, but at the same time, I think it’s also important that we take some objective standards and apply them more widely as a society.

We can’t have kids growing up seeing obese models portrayed in the media as “healthy” people when damn near every piece of objective scientific data points to excess weight being one of the best predictors of early mortality.

Now I understand that my words may trigger some people, but I think that’s exactly what needs to happen at this point in time.

We are coddling people too much and in the long run it’s going to lead to even more negative health outcomes than if we were more direct about these things.

Being overweight does not make you a bad person, just like smoking cigarettes doesn’t make you a bad person.

Both of these things do, however, make you very vulnerable to having health complications.

I, for one, think we should stop promoting plus-size models as an example of what a healthy person can look like, because that would be rewarding them for making more health choices.

A body is something to be proud of when you have made healthy choices that have manifested a healthy body.

That does not mean you to beat yourself in the moment or have 0% body fat as a goal, but it does mean you should aim to meet some sort of objective criteria for good health (body fat percentage range, BMI etc.)

I know this opinion might get me cancelled in the year 2021, but so be it.

My mission behind this newsletter is to help people make the unconscious conscious, so they can live better lives. 

I’m rooting for you.

Own your health choices and you will have a lot to be positive about.


Have you heard of this movie?

I watched it in theaters with my family on Thanksgiving and it was pure gold. Not gonna lie it had me shedding tears. 😭

Without spoiling it for you, what I loved most about it was the theme of family and community.

In a world that feels like it’s gone mad, commitment to building community is going to be what holds this wild experimentation called civilization together.

It’s true that we can only control our own focus and choices, but we can also share our wisdom with others to help them own theirs as well.

What do you know? What can you teach? What can you contribute?

We all have unique gifts. Don’t be afraid to share yours.

Build The Courage of a Warrior ⚔️

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