🙏 Active Gratitude + 💕 Seeking Relationships

Owned newsletter #16 * first posted on Nov 22, 2021

Yoooo happy gratitude week!

In the United States we celebrate Thanksgiving this week and this holiday is by far my favorite of the year, because it’s about being thankful. 🦃🙏

Scientifically it’s been proven that the more we actively reflect on being thankful or grateful; the more our bodies release the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine making us feel good.

Beyond releasing feel good hormones it’s also just good to take inventory of all the abundance we have in our lives that often times gets overlooked.

So in the spirit of being thankful let’s get into the question of the week..

Question of the week 🤔

What are 5 things you are grateful for?”

I’ll go first and if you want some accountability feel free to reply with your 5 as well.

I am grateful for..

-My loving family (shout out Sara, Mar, Luna and Coco!)

-My new home in Florida (shout out Governor DeSantis for making this state a safe haven during these very strange times)

-My outstanding health (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual)

-My community (shout out JRD and my private coaching clients)

-My new gym (which has a float tank, cold plunge, sauna, steam room and hot tub)

Things big and small there is always something to be grateful for. 🤗

Let's Get Uncomfortable

Remember me talking about cold plunges? 

Well..some really cool research has recently emerged regarding the effects of a 5min cold plunge followed by a 20 min sauna.

Turns out it speeds up your metabolism, balances insulin and boosts growth hormone. All very good things if you want to get shredded.

The interesting thing about hot and cold exposure is that they can be very uncomfortable.

Many of us spend our lives trying to avoid being uncomfortable, but the reality is that much of what we want is on the other side of being uncomfortable.

For example, think about these practices that lead to a healthier body.


It’s uncomfortable to fast (not eat for 16 hrs or more) but the latest science tells us that this practice is extremely important for cells to undergo autophagy, which help prevent diseases.

Intense Exercise

Whether you are doing an intense cardio workout or lifting heavy weights your body is going to scream at you to quit, but if you endure you will grow stronger and healthier across the board.

Disciplined Nutrition

Being disciplined when you feel like overeating can be uncomfortable. It’s not comfortable to count your calories and stick to your budget when you feel hungry, but it ultimately helps you balance your body composition.

The body and health you want is on the other side of getting uncomfortable and pushing your edge. 💪

Lean into the discomfort. That’s where all the growth is!

Web 3.0 💻

Holy smokes..

This past week I went down the Web 3.0 rabbit hole and “I get it!” 🐇 🕳️

I had a great conversation with my buddy Zach Obront (founder of Scribe) the other day and he explained it really well.

Simply put..

When the internet first came into play it was at its most basic form a great new way to share information (and share in the democratization of all information.)

Web 3 is a great way to share ownership (and share in the upside of ownership.)

Some things you may have heard of that fall under the Web 3.0 umbrella are cryptocurrencies (like bitcoin), NFTs (non fungible tokens) and the meta verse (yes that’s why Facebook changed their name to Meta.)

So why does this Web 3.0 matter? 🤔

It’s going to decentralize the internet.

What exactly are those implications? Fuck if I know haha

I am still a newb in this world, so definitely do your own research.

All in all though I am all kinds of stoked and have some exciting ideas of my own around how I want to get involved with Web 3 to connect my community and give them more ownership over projects we mutually care about.

Web 3 Financial Opportunities 

There is a big glaring reason that banks and politicians have been talking badly about Web 3 since the inception of cryptocurrencies. 😠

They understand that this technology is THE greatest threat to the current financial model that has existed in the Information Age.

There is going to be a major wealth transfer as these technologies become more mainstream, because it puts power back into the individual’s hands. ✋

If you take the time to explore the nature of our current financial system you will be shocked and terrified to find out that the Dollar is not tied to anything and that our government just prints it on demand willy nilly at their own convenience.

The side effects of doing so are inflation and, in turn, the devaluing of the money that we hold in our bank accounts (or under our mattresses.)

Cryptocurrencies allow us to attach real value to our money by making it finite and also allowing all the shareholders to benefit when the value of a currency goes up.

Crypto is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the financial opportunities of Web 3.0 though.

I see the main value coming from our ability to share ownership and upside in any project we choose to invest in.

Like I keep saying.. I am not an expert in this stuff.

I just feel it’s important for my audience to be looking into how they can build wealth using Web 3, because if you start focusing on this now you will be in the top .1% of people in the world who are doing so.

Mirrors 🪞🪞

The people in our lives are all mirrors for us.

When we get triggered by someone else’s actions it gives us the opportunity to ask ourselves what haven’t I healed within myself that just got poked by this person’s words or actions.

All of us are a work in progress, but it’s easier to outsource the work we personally need to do by highlighting the faults in others.

Yes we all have work to do on ourselves, which is why it’s so easy to see personality defects in other people, but the fact of the matter is we cannot change them.

In alignment with the mission of this newsletter I’ll remind you that we can only control two things. Our own focus and our own choices in the present moment.

So.. next time you get triggered by someone or something remember that this event is just a mirror for you to go back within yourself and do the work on yourself that needs to be done.

I know this is easier said than done, but those who have the courage to look within instead of blaming things outside of themselves are the people who ultimately will experience the most inner peace and life satisfaction.

Career Goals

If you are looking to get into a relationship, I promise you that what you are seeking for is also seeking for you. 💫

One of the reasons people struggle to find the relationship (romantic, business or other) that they desire is because they are not showing up in the world they way they desire the person they are seeking to show up.

For example, if I am a dude who is seeking a nice conservative woman to settle down with, but I am going out all the time and banging every babe in town, then my energy is not in alignment with what I am seeking.

The basic laws of the universe are that energy attracts like energy. 💯

If you want to attract a specific type of relationship into your life, then you must look inward first and ask yourself “Am I showing up in the world like the person I am looking to attract?”

I’ve experienced this first hand many times.

From my wife, to my business partner, to my friends.

All these people showed up in my life acting in alignment with the behaviors that I was personally acting out in my own life at the time I met them.

Take inventory of your own focus and choices right now.

Do you want to attract relationships with people who also participate in the same focus and choices that you are participating in right now?

If not, it’s time to make a change.

If the answer is yes, then put yourself into the world and start proactively seeking that relationship. Remember, they will also be seeking you.

Aaaaand that's a wrap!

Own your focus. Own your choices. Own your life.

If this newsletter was impactful for you, please forward it to those you care for.

Thank you so much for your support.

Talk to you next week,